Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dermelect: Unearthed Collection - Fall 2016

Today I have swatches of Dermelect's 2016 Unearthed collection, which became available in September. They sent me the collection to try out and share swatches of, so let's get right into it!

What a Gem
First up, my least favorite (I think) of the 6-piece set. This one was extremely sheer and I needed three thick coats but still had a touch of visible nail line in person. I can't decide how I feel about this one. Maybe as a barely-there, one thin coat base for something?

Dermelect describes this one as a shimmery pale quartz and it is for sure sheer! I love the yellow gold shimmer that runs through it!

Nobody's Fool
The second polish is called a chrome marigold color. I'd say that is pretty accurate, and while definitely bold, the finish is full of streaks since it is so metallic. I needed two coats for complete coverage, but I don't think I'd wear this one as a full mani, maybe in some nail art instead.

To the Core
I didn't think I'd be much of a fan of this "russet copper" at first, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. It leans more burnt orange and has a nice 60's vibe to it! It is pretty heavy with shimmer, but again only needed two coats for complete opacity, and was a lot less streaky than the yellow.

Diggin' You
Dermelect calls this one a creme burnt umber. Formula-wise, it was my absolute favorite! The application was nearly perfect! If I wasn't as heavy-handed and had used a thicker coat, it would have been opaque in just one coat! It definitely isn't really a burnt umber color though, I would say it is much more of a dirt brown sort of color. I love earthy tones like this one anyway!

Another fab formula! This gorgeous hunter green was nearly another one-coater, but was a little sheer for being so dark. Still a beautiful application and beautiful color, it gets a full two thumbs up from me!

The final polish is nothing short of stunning! It is a deep, fiery, eye-catching berry red with full coverage in two coats. I much prefer cool-toned reds like this one.

The three cremes in this collection are, by far, my favorites. I could get used to the ultra sheer pink shimmer, but the two metallics aren't really my thing. Of course they're pretty and will get use from me, because I'm not one to discriminate against any polish, but probably only in small amounts in nail art of some sort.

And of course thank you to Dermelect for letting me swatch and share this beautiful collection!
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