Thursday, November 27, 2014

Barielle Jetsetter Collection - Fall 2014

I've got swatches of Barielle's entire Jetsetter collection today! More after the page break.

Up first is Kiss Me Kate.

This is a beautiful, creamy nude! This polish is almost a one-coater, or what I like to call, a 1.5 coater. I always like to apply two coats because I wrap my tips on the first coat, and want to make sure everything is smooth, even though a second coat wasn't entirely necessary.

This one is a really pretty, periwinkle creme. It needed two coats for opacity. I think this polish would be better suited for a Spring collection, since it is pastel, and not even a dusty pastel. I love the color, anyway!

This shimmery navy polish only needed one coat to be opaque! It almost has a slight metallic look to it, but it is crazy gorgeous, and a perfect "midnight" color!

This on is another metallic-leaning beauty. It is a bit more metallic than the previous polish, and therefore a little streaky. To solve the streaking issue, I applied two coats (which is actually all that's need for it to be opaque) of Autumn in Seoul, then sponged on a third coat to smooth out the finish. I love the color of this one too, it is perfect for Fall!

This one is another one-coater! It is very similar to the next polish, but not quite as dusty, and a little brighter. This is also one I think would fit better in a Spring collection, but it is pretty nonetheless! The coloring in the second picture is a bit off.

Gondola Ride is a pretty khaki sort of green. It needed two coats to be opaque. I don't quite understand having two greens in one collection, especially with how similar they are, but I think this one is more fitting for Fall, since it does have more of that dusty, grayed look to it. The coloring in the last picture is a little off.

Overall, I like every polish in this collection! If I had to pick a favorite, I think it would be Kiss Me Kate. Solely because it's not often that you find a one-coat nude polish! They all had great formulas so I had no issues with any of them pooling or being too thick.

Barielle polishes retail for $8 USD per bottle, or $30 for this entire collections of six.

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