Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Manis

Summer Contest Entry Nails

After submitting my contest entry to MadamLuck's Summer Time Nail Art Contest, an epic fail was pointed out to me by a friend: Notice the date says 2001 instead of 2011!! FAIL! Well, here was the design of bright, summery, rainbowness that I came up with for the contest anyway:

No. 2 Pencil Nails

Back-to-School 2011 Series - No. 2 Pencils (with a twist) - Part 1 of 3

Firstly, I would just like to say OMG THIS WEEK HAS BEEN RIDICULOUS!

I got my first Back-to-School nails done and I think they look pretty decent. However, apparently photographing them has not been in the technological works for me! EVERYONE, it seems like, has done these nails, so I wanted to do them, but put a little bit of a twist on them. That was the part that was really hard to capture, because, apparently, the self-timer on my camera is... CRAP.

THEN, to make matters worse, we had a storm that blew a tree over onto a power line and we lost power almost 24 hours ago and still haven't gotten it back! So I haven't been able to post this mani. I came into town to my dad's today to do so. =P

Anyway. I did the best I could, so here are some of the somewhat decent pics I got. :)

I tried to get a decent color comparison shot, but the pink and base yellow/orange looks a lot closer to the real thing more in person. :)

And now for the "twist" on these nails. I could not get a good shot of both hands, for some reason. Out of about 100 pictures, I got ONE that is... Sorta... Not so much... Decent... Ish.

What I was going for was for the two middle fingers to make up one full pencil, then the ring and first fingers to make up a pencil pointing in the opposite direction and so forth. This pic being the best... That's sad. Now you see why I gave up trying to photograph it. =P

Just imagine that they're touching. :)

 Better yet... the wonders of simple photo cropping, pasting and editing! =D

My cuddly kitty wants to say hi and she wants to thank everyone for stopping by and she would like to introduce the Back-to-School Trivia (which is only open to USA readers, sorry). The first person to post the correct answer in the comments on the THIRD AND LAST post will receive a prize. :)

Trivia: All three titles of the Back-to-School series have something in common. Can you tell what it is with just the first?? Don't answer yet, wait until the last post!!

The prizes up for grabs are:

A bottle of e.l.f. polish in Moonlight as well as other items that have not arrived to me in the mail yet. =) I will update you when I get them, though.

P.S. The THIRD AND LAST manicure will be scheduled to post at 10:00 A.M. (central time) Sunday, August 28th - Wednesday the 31st, I have not decided which day yet, nor have I done the mai yet so I am not positive on when it will be ready to post. :) Again, I will update you as that time comes closer. Good luck and thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed this look!

Crayola Crayon Nails

Back-to-School 2011 Series - Crayola Crayons - Part 3 of 3

I am going to make this one short and sweet. The pictures sort of explain themselves. This was a really fun look to create, I just wish you could see more of that great background Don't Teal My Heart Away by Diamond Cosmetics. I haven't decided yet if I like this look or not, but I do think I should have probably done on white or at least a lighter color. :)

Up! Nails

Ever since I started seeing commercials for the airing of the movie Up on the Disney channel a few weeks ago, I have wanted to do Up-inspired nails. I got a little bit of free time during Labor Day weekend and this is what I came hope with, hope you like it. :)

I couldn't bare to take off the crazy, sparkly, spectacular rainbow glitter polish yet, so I just added another layer of it to freshen it up and did the designs on top of it. I had some time, but not a TON, so I was only able to actually paint some of  designs. The others, I printed out and stuck on with top coat. =P

Tennis balls on my left thumb

The balloons and tip of the chimney

I actually decided that I didn't like this mani halfway through doing it and took it off, so that is why there's no cuticle clean-up and Kevin is the only character on my right hand. =P

For this design, I used a lot of different products:
The balloons and chimney are all different colors I mixed from acrylic paint.
The tennis balls are Zoya Mitzi with white acrylic details.
The Up logo is done in white and black nail art polishes by Art Deco.
Kevin and Doug are both print-outs I attached with clear coat as I didn't have the time nor design to hand paint them. :)

Thanks for stopping by and everyone have a great day! Did anyone else watch Up on Disney last night? =D
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